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Monday, 8 October 2012

For your information now a days making a movie on your own is so easy that only block buster movie house can sure to back all their monies and a little bit profit. People can make movie by their mobile uploads also. According to you tube submission it is very difficult to find viewers who will pay for your movie so that you can keep making them. Story telling is an art and so movie making also. First think about solid theme that will  attract people them visualize them according to your story telling idea. Time slicing is more effective to cut the  spare time of the story and keep the full attention of the audience. Movie needs three stages done professionally, Shooting, Dubbing and Editing so other parts are handled by other people such as good cameraman will take care of your scenes, good sound recordist will take care of your sounds and dubbing facilities could make them extra ordinary and a good editor can make the movie awesome. 

The real challenge in movie making is its budget if huge sum available to do all subtle works handy then transportation and players to work out extra ordinary outputs that needed badly in action. Movie making is an industry so some scruples here waiting to ruin some people's life and works brutally. Here dreams made in the sacrifice of simple people's dream and life. 

A director can do nothing with out help of musicians and actors as well as gadgets,  some artificial stages build to serve the purpose and now a days computer graphix is badly used so that peoples eye glare and stick with the scenes. So the idea conceived by the director will released by the players and stages accompanied by musicians and some other gestures. 

Extreme short comings of movie is you can not transfer the feelings so active visuals are needed badly some body language meant to transfer the feelings and situation with supporting sounds. The variation of sounds and playing with extra ordinary sense to cut the scenes into understanding moods.