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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Types of movies

Stories which has some goals and truly entertainment gets the first preference here in the industry it is called mainstream movies which earns a billion dollar

Second type is comedy which is purely entertainmental  and put the people some good stuff of humor to giggle  such as Three Stooges, Charly chaplin, Mr bean etc,

The third type is Thriller which is also like main stream needs a big budget and definitely earns billion dollar also like James bond series, Remington still, Hawaii Five O

The fourth type is detective type such as Sharlock Holmes, Ogatha Christie,

The fifth type is Sci-fi such as Star Trek, Alien, Matrix reloaded, etc

The sixth type is Ghost stories such as Dracula,

The seventh type is Folk such as Ivan Hoe,

The eighth type is Historical, such as All quiet on the western front, Doomes day

Children's  films also acknoledged by various scholars also such Cindrella, Harry potter

Travel adventure type  Tarjan,Adventure of Narnia,

Western type such as Komanchiar, Maccana's Gold, Yesterday today and Tomorrow etc

Art films which is the best criteria of all movies such as Padma Nadir majhi, Pather pachali etc

Last of all adult movies which also a large type viewers worldwide.

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