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Friday, 29 July 2011

understanding which parts of the stories can not be visualize

now a days everything could be visualize with the help of computers or extra effects but you can not expose any mans feelings you just put the scene into different parts and combined them to understand what the actor is feeling really so every medium has its limitation.what the masters call tempo, montage some extra scenes makes the special effects as the director things appropriate for the stories to it is important to understand which part of stories could not visualize with in budget and could not visualize at all, its up to directors imagination.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

understandiing movie languages

If you are fond of reading books you must know that a book is full of letters, converted by words, sentences and paras as well as chapters and definitely there is a law to present simultaneously like this a movie has also frames which is like letters of any book. a frame is the composition of a still picture which depicts some thing for audience, series of frames depicts a sequence of a movie that is a sentence of any book and the new scene depicts a new frame as well as new sentence or para. thus the story rolling as the time goes movies show us various sequences to understand the whole story the director is telling. Any chapter is called sequence, any frame called shot and here lies the difference between directors to director, who conceives what to show before the audience and what effect he will put to understand the story, in movie an actor and actress is a piece of pawn played by the director to complete the story and the gadgets need to make up the frames is called props no matter how tiny or how big it is, and story rolling as the story line depicts and the dialogues prepared according to the story line of the movie, screenplay refers what is coming next frame. In order to mark up the shoots people name these parts as cut and serial them accordingly. this will discuss more elaborately afterwards

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

understand diffirent visual mode

P O V  persistence of vision is that any man can see simultaneously moving every thing in the world by series of still pictures that is 24 frames per second, so a camera which can shoot over that makes a good result of movement in the slide show or in movie theater, people now use mp4, webM and flash files to save movie files and use it simultaneously DVD and HD are the extension of movie files which also depict the frame quality such as resulation and aspect ratio, that is screen would be square or rectangle or which way computer or tv media can broadcast is the most important to understand in the movie making. In film photography we use 35mm, 65mm, wide screen, CinemaScope etc  In digital photography it is recognised by pixels that is horizontal color dots and verticle color dots, a reasonable frame size is 640 into 560 pixels in HD it is 1040 into 750 that is four time bigger than normal tv screen.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

we always use our eye and ear as a real movie and it shoul have a target audience

In fact every man who has visual abilities and can hear no matter he understands the reality happening around his/her making movies on her own, and memorizing them till death, sights and sounds as well as feeling with it such as touch, relevancy, smell and interacting with them makes the real movie but in order to put it in front of the audience it needs some editing so that only important things are viewed in order to save the time of the audience. People who has persistence and patience enough could share other people's feeling as his experience and act accordingly, so it needs cultural evidence to share, religious belief to understand why some one react in any circumstance such behavior is not independent, birds of feather thinks alike so the movie has a target audience, no matter how big your time span of the movie, only part of public of the universe will eager to view that movie.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

screenplay most important thing to visualise

Screenplay means what is happening on the screen is reviewed previously and with intelligently that means in order to chase with the time you have to complete the story within the time slice that is introductory moods to critical moods and happy ending or otherwise which you conceive should be partitioned and the actors and actress should work accordingly or the scenes should move accordingly.

Screenplay deploys the whole necessity of the movie, according to this various directors of the movie makes their composition or necessary adjustments, choose actors to perform, set the setup, makes the makeup of actors and other peoples working in the certain movie

story line that depicts everything in the movie

What will appear on the screen one after another is called the story line of the movie, The expert who can tell or write the story very effectively will involved in this process, after choosing the story the storyline must be prompted as the audio, dialogue and to create the tempo That means story gets a pace, a rhythm which holds audiences attention and telling the goals of the movie inherently or try to conceive in their subconscious minds, story lines should be do follower of the actors action and audience should have premature idea what will happen next by sequence to sequence along with the movie type.

Types of movies

Stories which has some goals and truly entertainment gets the first preference here in the industry it is called mainstream movies which earns a billion dollar

Second type is comedy which is purely entertainmental  and put the people some good stuff of humor to giggle  such as Three Stooges, Charly chaplin, Mr bean etc,

The third type is Thriller which is also like main stream needs a big budget and definitely earns billion dollar also like James bond series, Remington still, Hawaii Five O

The fourth type is detective type such as Sharlock Holmes, Ogatha Christie,

The fifth type is Sci-fi such as Star Trek, Alien, Matrix reloaded, etc

The sixth type is Ghost stories such as Dracula,

The seventh type is Folk such as Ivan Hoe,

The eighth type is Historical, such as All quiet on the western front, Doomes day

Children's  films also acknoledged by various scholars also such Cindrella, Harry potter

Travel adventure type  Tarjan,Adventure of Narnia,

Western type such as Komanchiar, Maccana's Gold, Yesterday today and Tomorrow etc

Art films which is the best criteria of all movies such as Padma Nadir majhi, Pather pachali etc

Last of all adult movies which also a large type viewers worldwide.

you must have a very good story to tell

In order to make a movie you have to choice a story line first because you have to hold the attention of the audience. It is not necessary that you have to write on your own, but choosing a good story that could be time consuming, because you have to read a tons of stories,  of all you must categorize stories what you can visualize and you also can cartoonize them, If you wish.